Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bad Girls Guide to Europe
I am planning a trip to Spain with three girls I went to high school with. I should reword that, actually. One of my friends is planning a trip to Spain and I am going. I have never been to Europe but I will break it in with the hubby first, traveling to Iceland. Since Hubby never talks about our upcoming trip and Friend does, I can't help but have Spain Brain. I try on clothes and practice dancing in them, picturing myself traipsing through all sorts of fun places over there.
Friend and I have both driven cross country and used the Bad Girls Guide to the Open Road, a gem that should be taught in all-girls schools' Literature classes across the land. I actually have no memory of how it came into my world but I can tell you that I couldn't be more pleased that it did! The guide basically has all sorts of funny little tidbits on things to do while pretending to be Thelma and Louise. It gets a little raunchy but it's a source of amusement. The pink vinyl book teaches you how to be a "road sister" and encourages road dating, chewing tobacco and empowering headwear. It helped me create many cherished memories on many a road trip, including wearing a frog eyed headband-hat through the Omaha zoo with my mother, en route to Graceland and a hotel with a guitar shaped pool.
So Friend and I are trying to think of ways to modify Bad Girl Guide principles to apply to our European adventures without getting ourselves featured on that locked up abroad show. We came up with a small list with items such as eating snails and getting pulled onto stage at a Flamenco show (I will be devastated if this doesn't happen to me!!!) but I need more ideas. I can't believe a book hasn't been written on girlfriends traveling abroad yet, to be honest with you. Maybe I will pen it myself upon my return but I need to have some risky, yet non-arrestable offense, fun as research before that is an option.
Therefore, I am hoping someone who stumbles upon this will suggest an addition to the Bad Girls Guide to Spain list for us or at least will be inspired to invest in some empowering headwear.
PS. We already have lots of Jersey shore quotes and songs to work with.
PPS. We also get a layover in London and Friend has already vetoed me wearing one of those Halloween cut looking things on my neck in honor of my girl, Annie Boleyn.
PPPS: But maybe the most important:) Friend just texted me to make sure I state Patent Pending on our European Bad Girls Guide. Sorry Ms. Tuttle, this one's on us!

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