Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation Discrimination

I'm officially coining the term "vacation discrimination". I have experienced it and it is real. It is when people judge you or hate on you for having cooler vacations than they have. Here's an example from yesterday:
Work announced some major cuts to our benefits that will hurt my already weakly padded wallet. I mentioned this to someone and got the response "you have had more international trips in the last year than anyone I know so I don't feel bad for you". Really??
Travel is a lifestyle choice. Some people spend a lot of money on fancy cars or clothes or designer purses. Some people go out for decadent meals. Others drink their money away at the local pub. A lot of people my age have children who cost a lot to clothe and feed. I don't have or do any of those things. I prioritize seeing new places and making memories that way. Why is it acceptable not only to judge that choice but to verbalize it to me?? Do I say, "Hey, nice khakis! Bet those cost you a pretty penny. Just for that, if you have to join the working poor, you won't get my sympathy!"? No, because the way we spend our money reflects our values and the ways we rejuvenate ourselves. Who says my values have to match yours?


  1. This was a good post.

    Also, as a previous non-profit employee- ouch! Every penny (money or benefit) counts and I'm sorry that you're getting cut back.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about work cuts- it is a sad reality for those who do amazing work, like you, and never get compensated appropriately. You have every right to spend your money as you wish, you have been smart with your money, you don't have children, so you should NOT be discriminated for spending it on trips. I'm sorry someone said that to you- and again, I'm sorry about the cuts at work :(

  3. Many associate travel with spending a lot of money. This is probably because they don't travel so they don't know how much it actually costs. I completely agree that how you spend your money is your decision and for no one's judgment.

  4. What does she spend her money on? I bet she's just jealous. I'm super jealous of your vacations, but I made my bed so I don't say anything... Well, I guess I just did. But your choice is valid and admirable. So there.