Monday, January 16, 2012

My Blogaversary!

Last year over this weekend I started my blog. I once read somewhere that most blogs don't last through the first six months so I am happy to still be typing away! While I'm still not always sure of the balance between what I want to write vs what someone might want to read but this blog makes me happy and that counts for something.

Because lists trump all, here are some things I have learned in this first year of blogging:

1. Most of the time when I come home from a trip, I don't know how or want to say more than " it was good" when people ask. Similarly, it's actually really hard for me to write about all the amazing experiences until a good amount of time has passed.

2. I have been stunned by how judgemental people are about travel. Blogging is one of the only outlets that seems socially acceptable to talk about where I've gone and what I've done. That's just not right.

3. It's been interesting to note how much I feel like I have to censor myself while blogging. So many experiences that impact me involve other people who may read things about themselves they wouldn't love. So I choose not to write about those things. But it's a shame because those are the stories that are the most fun to tell!

4. Usually, living life is so fun that I forget to document it.

5. I LOVE reading the blog stats and seeing that people from all over the world have read my words. I really wonder how they find me, why they read me, and what they think. It makes me want to sing "It's a Small World After All".

6. A lot of the things that I want to write about have nothing to do with travel or being domestic at home. But they don't fall into one "other" category either. Conversations with friends are the best source of inspiration.

7. The past year has been awesome. Sometimes writing about it helps solidify my gratitude for the options I have in life. And I'm extremely grateful for everyone who takes time to read this blog. I especially love to read your comments. It's a blessing to be able to write and communicate with the world. I hope the next year of blogging will teach me even more!


  1. Happy blogiversary! I'm glad that you started blogging and that you're sticking with it. I really like your blog. I'm surprised that people are judgmental about travel. What's to judge? I like your travel posts because they allow me to live vicariously through you until I can go to those places myself. And I wish you would write about your encounters with people, I bet they'd be juicy reads! Ha ha.

  2. Happy happy! I think you're great!