Thursday, March 15, 2012

6 Reasons Why Today is Not My Day

Today is not my day. Let me give you a list of evidence to prove my point:
1. While driving through downtown (which is really never wise) a man, who I am just assuming has a substance abuse problem, 100% walked in front of my car. While I was moving. I had a green light and we were nowhere near a crosswalk. Unlike other bossy pedestrians, this man truly did not even turn his head a little to see if cars were coming or stopping or any other verbing. He just looked straight ahead and plunged into traffic like a man on a mission.
2. I guess I should backtrack and say that the day started out bad based on the fact that I had to wake up far too early for a dr's appt. It wouldn't be as bad if I wasn't still suffering from the impact of daylight savings stealing an hour of my beloved sleep. So early feels even worse this week. Accordingly, I had morning meetings every day.
3. I had an 8:15 appt with an ear, nose and throat specialist. I got there a little before 8:10 and avoided a creepy guy on the downstairs level of the medical building only to find the office dark and the door locked. So I found a chair and played some Words With Friends because I am adaptable. Around 8:23, I had no more opponents to face so I looked up the number for the doctor's office to see if there was an outgoing message about a death in the family causing all appts to be canceled or something else valid like that. I got an answering service who told me they don't answer the phones until 9. Hmmmm. Then why schedule an appt 45 minutes prior to that? In the midst of that conversation, an employee arrived at work and unlocked the door. I trailed her and poked my head in the office but she must have been turning on the lights in the whole suite so I just stood there doing a virtual hokey pokey with my body in the hall and my melon in the office, not wanting to scare her and having a mental battle with myself as I tried to figure out how to not take my aggression out on this woman but also not apologize for something that they should be apologizing for. She finally appeared and had me sit down while she called the cell phone of the girl who was supposed run some test on me. No answer. Then I heard her talking to a person I later found out was an office manager and overheard "she shouldn't make appointments in the morning if she can't get to them". When they finally got the girl on the phone, I was told she would arrive in another half hour. Really? I didn't make a 9am appt. I would have liked to have slept that additional 45 minutes, too. But I have my own job that they like me to show up for so I left.
4. I'm wearing my skinny jeans but feeling anything but.
5. And then I look at Pinterest for some workout motivation and all I find are dessert recipes that made me start wanting lunch at like 11:11.
6. My office scissors are missing and I really want to trim a split end.

So the moral of the story is that waking up early is bad and I am cranky.

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