Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer Concerts are Lining Up!

Last month, when I found out I had to have minor surgery I was unnerved but held it together. It wasn't until I looked at my calendar and realized I would miss two Counting Crows shows that I already had tickets for that the tears finally flowed freely. Luckily, great friends helped me get my money back for the tickets and also sent me pictures and reports on the shows I missed. It kind of felt like when you sponsor a kid from a different country and you get updates and pictures. And yes, I felt that connected.

Usually when a band has just come around, you can't expect to see them until at least the following year so I just assumed I had lost my chance for 2012 and hearing Adam Duritz sing songs from the new album, released last month. Well wasn't I just ecstatic when I got, of all things, a facebook application request from a friend referencing the Counting Crows releasing more tour dates. Long story short, the more people who "shared" the app, the faster tour dates were revealed. Yesterday when I looked, the closest venue to me was almost three hours away. Still, I mapquested directions and was prepared for the journey, if need be. But today more dates and venues were released and two of them are not only within driving distance and great show venues but they are also just days before my birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

I restrained myself and only bought tickets to one show, which is totally unlike me but it allowed me to splurge on the tickets a bit more. Like lots of ladies I know, once you are spending a little, you may as well spend a lot. With this thinking in mind, I also looked up tour dates for Micheal Franti and Spearhead because I knew they were coming my way soon, too. So I snatched up tickets for that, too! Those are less than a third of the price but the show is at my all time favorite venue, Lupo's in Providence, RI. And Providence is just a really cute place for a night out with it's vibrant college scene and hearty Little Italy district. I'm so excited!

One show I missed because I was totally out of the loop was the Neon Trees. They are newer and I am not a cult follower as I am with the Counting Crows but I like where they come from in life, I like their music a lot, and I have really loved hearing their live/acoustic music when they performed for a local radio station. To me, the ability to be better live than on your album is a true measure of talent and I appreciate that above great dancing or outfits or something like that.

I also missed the boat on the Newport Folk Festival. It's sold out already but it looks amazing so I "liked" them on Facebook so I won't miss out again next year. It's a 2.5 day festival held at historic Fort Adams in Newport, RI, already a stunning location before the first note has been played. Picture bringing your own picnic blanket and chairs and sitting on the coast, surrounded by perfect white sailboats in the beautiful New England summer weather. Now add a solid lineup of less mainstream bands, especially Of Monsters and Men who are breakout artists all the way from one of my fave spots, Iceland. You have probably heard their popular song "Little Talks". Their cd came out on a Tuesday in March and I saw them the following Saturday at the House of Blues in Boston and not only really loved all their music but really enjoyed their charm. They were friendly and energetic, humble and funny. Any band that brings out an accordion wins me over, I have learned.

So that's my music run down for the day. Which shows can you NOT MISS?

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