Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If your Cat were someone famous, who would they be?

My husband is infamous for coming up with random games. When we go to brunch, he makes me compete with the jelly containers to see how many times out of 5 I can get it to land right side up. He makes goalposts for straw wrappers. And he comes up with great 'what if' questions.

The other day he came upstairs and requested that I pause the Twilight movie I was watching in bed to ask me "if our cats were people, who would they be?". Before I tell you some of the celebs in the running, let me fill you in on the kits. (That's a kid/kitten combo that aptly describes my emotional attachment/cat lady tendencies).

This is Pants. He is about 2.5. He is both really crazy in terms of high energy, running around, chasing moths, and the other cat and also really cuddly as he routinely in the morning almost knocks you over trying to get his head pet and at night likes to curl up and watch tv with me.

And this is Stella. She turns 11 this month and is a sweet, gentle Himalayan Persian. She is like a loyal dog, following your every step just to be near you.

So what well known people could personify each of these guys?
For Pants, after toying with Usher, we settled on Busta Rhymes. Youngish (at least he was when we were younger, which is where my brain still lives), feisty-they both kind of get those crazy eyes occasionally and racially and gender appropriate.

Stella was tougher. I tossed out the late, beloved Jessica Tandy. My husband didn't like comparing her to someone who was in the iconic film, Cocoon, because it aged her. He proposed Sigourney Weaver. I almost lost my mind. Apparently, I have a thing against Sigourney Weaver that I have never acknowledged because I was outraged. He tried to calm me down by referencing her Jane Goodall role as opposed to her Ghostbusters alter-ego. I think we left undecided.

So I am both open to suggestions and curious who your pets would be. Go!


  1. Molly is a sweet and lovely little princess. I imagine Anne Hathaway is a lot like her. I don't think I've even seen one of her movies, but that's the vibe I get.

    Chevelle is badass and hilarious. I think she's probably like Jen from People I Want to Punch in the Throat.

  2. Oh, I love this game. And I love that your cat is Busta Rhymes. I say that Liam is the most interesting man from the Dos Equis commercial. He's smooth as silk and sweet, yet stern and powerful. Maybe I can also compare him to FDR? Liam rules the roost. He can push two 45lb dogs out of the way when he wants to eat, but he does it in his quiet gentle manner. He also protects me from intruders, such as Lenny. When it comes to Lenny or Liam sitting next to me, guess who wins?

    I'd have to compare Kingston to some sort of poet/artist. He's a quiet cat that has a lot of depth and emotion. Yes, I just won the cat lady of the year award by writing that. He likes to sit and look out the window like he's pondering the meaning of life. He's an observer of the world. He's very structured, routine, and clean. He's also very sensitive. Once you've earned his trust, he will love you. We have a nightly routine of tv watching and quality time. He comes in the room, jumps up on me, and then looks at me as he waits for acknowledgement. I say "hi Kingston" and sometimes he meows back. Then he hangs with me. He's a really happy guy. I'm pretty sure he smiles at me too.

    I'll add my dogs too. Lilah is a southern belle, beautiful, a total sweetheart, but not so bright. Finn is like a pro-wrestler badass like shit, or living in Hollywood driving fast cars and getting all the ladies. He's the wild child.

    Do you like that I can write this much about my pets?

    1. I love that you can write so much but I want you to nail down a specific poet and wrestler, etc. Great descriptions, though;)
      And, knowing Stella, I'm open to suggestions that are better than Jessica Tandy or stupid Sigourney Weaver.