Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Worst

I realized that I could write a whole blog-not just a post- about the anecdotes that occur commuting to work. Not coincidentally, it's also the place I do some of my best thinking and lots of post ideas bud behind the wheel. That could have something to do with the often snarky tone I put forth here.

Lots of bloggers do weekly happy posts, about the highlights of that week or the things for which they are grateful. I feel like my least kind self when I am in my car, which is where I was yesterday when I started making a mental list of the things that are just the worst this week.

  • When a cop car pulls behind you and all of a sudden you feel like you are 16 and just got your permit again.
  • The new Bruno Mars song. (I think this is actually what launched a line of negative thinking)
  • When you fill up with gas and then find it for a cheaper price a mile down the road.
  • When you cry at non-celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.
  • When you leave a Taylor Swift song on with the specific purpose of singing along. And you know the words well enough to do a flawless karaoke performance.
  • Rich ladies in SUVs. I know they are rich because of the town I am in and their patented fleece/scarf combo I can see as they pull behind me and honk when I am the one who is 3/4 of the way done backing out of my parking spot.
  • When you go someplace you used to love and realize you have outgrown it. Sorry, Dave Matthews concerts.
  • When you nobly bring a change of clothes for the gym only to realize you forgot an essential item like a sports bra.
So what has been the worst for YOU this week?


  1. DMB-agreed. Sports bra-womp.

  2. The worst for me this week:
    Finally getting the baby to sleep, only to have the dog wake him up
    Having to be a responsible adult and not buy all the concert tickets I want (Sorry, Pink)
    Craigslist buyers who cancel last minute, after I've rearranged my evening
    The fact that I am never able to read those darn encrypted security words when trying to post something

    OK, I guess my week hasn't been that bad.

  3. Today's Worst Thing Ever was the boy wetting the bed at 5:45 AM, then deciding, "meh, it's late enough." I am friggin' EXHAUSTED.