Monday, October 8, 2012

Travel Posts-Need Your Input!

Happy Columbus Day Kids! I spent the day working but it was blissfully quiet and I vacuumed my office, among other things. This is noteworthy if only for the fact that I have only done it a handful of other times in the past 7 years. And, no, a cleaning service doesn't come in and supplement my inactivity.

Anyway, I don't have any great blog inspirations today-all motivation of all kinds went into the organizing of a gazillion binders and folders. But I did think about how to catch up on all the travel posts I want to write. I didn't go to all sorts of fun places just to post pictures on Facebook, you know? So while I don't expect an outpouring of comments, I certainly would appreciate them!

Would it be better to post a bunch of pictures with little commentary?
Or do shorter posts on specific sites or experiences?
Cover all of one city at a time or jump around for fun?
Travel Tuesdays?

Ok, as a reward for all your hard thought about this, let me share a little secret (that was probably only a secret to me) that I just stumbled upon. Youtube videos of your favorite artists recording/performing your favorite songs. Michael Franti at Folsome Prison was the backdrop for my cleaning spree this afternoon but here's another of my faves.


  1. One city per post, but if there is so much awesomeness in that city, break it into two. Pictures are nice, if they are iconic and helpful (give you a "tip" for how to get there better, faster, cheaper, get the best photo, etc). You know FB is overrun with photos of peoples food. :-)

    I love to travel, but now I have to start looking at the kid-friendly places. I see Hershey, PA and Sesame Place in my future, just shortly after Storeyland, NH.

    And I LOVE Counting Crows, thanks!!

  2. and totally off topic - I hate those verification "words" you have to type in. I just had to scroll through 4 options to find one I could read enough to correctly identify the letters and then one had a picture of a house number that literally read "No. 8" but when I typed that in - that was wrong. And one, I swear was a picture of an electrical outlet. Someone has to find a better way to figure out if we are robots or not. ;-)