Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I don't even like that song but I hope I got it stuck in your head. I believe we all have a song stuck in our heads at all times. For example, I had Karma Chameleon stuck in my head for the entire four years of high school. What's in your head right now?
So I'm back from my travels. Hubby thinks it's a little sick that on my first night back I revealed my plan for my next European adventure and how I would fund it. I already have two local trips planned this month and two more over the summer, plus Bermuda in September. That should keep me going for a little while.
For Europe, my to-do list is as follows: England, Ireland, and France. Not necessarily in that order because it kind of depends on who wants to join me, which will shape the theme of the trip. I also want to look into Amsterdam.
I say all of this to avoid the subject of the inevitable: I must return to work tomorrow. This is the point where I try to take all my vacationess and apply it to my real life. How can I best hang on to the relaxation? How long does your vacation glow usually last?


  1. I am always glum for a week or two after I get back from vacations. I constantly think about what I was doing on that day a week ago. I get very nostalgic. Then I finally get over it and move on to whatever is coming up next in my life that might be a bit exciting.

  2. I'm trying really hard to not let go of the vacation glow this time! A week later, 4 days of work (1 day home sick) and even a morning in court and I'm still smiling so keep your fingers crossed!