Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girlfriend getaways.....do we have to go shopping?

 I kind of hated this article, to be honest. I struggled with whether or not to share it but, here goes....
Frommer's article on girlfriend getaways
What I love: I think traveling with girlfriends is a fabulous idea. My experience is that traveling with your partner/gf/bf/spouse can be romantic and enrich the relationship and is wonderful. It's also expensive for two people dipping into the same budget. While this kind of travel clearly has it's place, I really value my independence and am super lucky to have a spouse who understands and supports my need to have a life that is sometimes separate from him. I have lots of friends and hobbies, which only makes me a more interesting member of our partnership.
Going away with one girlfriend is fun and relaxing but once you make the group 3+, you have a posse. Female posses are nearly invincible. The fun grows exponentially if you pick the right travel buddies (more on this later this week). Girl troops cheer each other on to amp up the fun, calm each other down to smooth things over, and can share hair straighteners so you get to pack less:) Therefore, I love when I see articles on women traveling together. It's a solid idea.
What I don't love: Why do women have to get pegged into wanting spa trips and shopping excursions? And do all men really want to play golf? No. I like the parts of this article that highlight different interests-adventure, surfing, the beach, women's only trips. I don't love that those come after the trips that list cooking lessons. I'm sure this is just the feminist part of me flaring up. To be fair, the article does cover lots of different interests. Also, I'm sure these stereotypes are out there for a reason. I guess I just hope I never want to go on a trip with my girlfriends so I can buy a new purse.....
PS, I feel really guilty not loving something Frommer's-esque as they are my go-to travel guide. So, for the record, I <3 Frommers.


  1. I feel fine if the shopping trip is just to Downtown...but if you are getting on a plane to shop...hmm, I don't think so...Personally since I have kids and most of my friends have kids, it is Super hard to get a Posse put together... and getting pampered at a spa sounds nice for like 1 day, but after that I would want to DO Something, especially something that I didn't have to worry about it being kid friendly... Just my 2 cents!

  2. here's one for you, girl! this one is on where to bring kiddos-i didnt check it out thoroughly but let me know if it's any better than the girlfriend one:)


  3. I like Frommers too. Great travel guides!