Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guest Post! Is it sausage? Is it grits?

Sarah, author of the blog "I mean really happy" is a guest blogger today! Sarah is an amazing mother of three little ones (including twins!). She is a superwoman who makes her own granola, her kids clothes, and even a teepee for them. She and I met at BYU my freshman year and she has been amazingly non judgmental and loving over the last decade plus. I love her story about travel......enjoy!

 The thing that I like about travelling to new places is that it humbles me.  I usually think that I have life and people and stuff all figured out, but it's nice to know that this is not the case.  People are living lives quite unlike mine and they're happy and I'm happy and we're all good.  One experience that I had in a Jackson, Mississippi Wal-Mart made one of these differences very apparent.  I will write it in play form so you can act it out with your friends and family.

Me: (approaching Wal-Mart employee)  Excuse me, do you have tofu?

Wal-Mart Employee #1:  I'm sorry?

Me:  Do you carry tofu? 

1:  I'm sorry, is that a food?

Me:  (somewhat embarrassed)  Yes, it's made of soy, it's a vegetarian-type product.  It's white, and comes in a little white box with water surrounding it.

1:  Hmmm, I may have to call someone on this.

Me:  Okay, sorry.  It's usually in the refrigerator section.  [at this point I am beginning to realize that I am the problem- I mean, why didn't I just look near the produce instead of by the vast carnivorous stretch of turkey necks and pigs' feet?  I do not know]

1:  (gets on his walkie talkie- some confusion about the purpose of the call ensues)  Okay, Linda will be here in a minute, she's just in cereals.

Me:  Thank you

Linda:  Now, what is it that you all are looking for?

Me:  Tofu

1:  We have some vegetarian-type products in the frozen foods- sausage and such.

Me:  It's a vegetarian food- it's white and packed in water in a white plastic box.  It's refrigerated.

Linda:  Now, I know that you're telling me that it's a food, but what type of a food is it?  I mean, is it a sausage?  Is it a grits?

Wal-Mart Employee #2:  (sidling up)  What is it that you all are looking for?

Me:  Tofu?

#2:  Oh yes, we have tofu.  It's in the produce section.

Me:  (thanking #1 and Linda- but forgetting to say sir and ma'am)  Well, I don't know why I didn't look there first.

#2 was very helpful in the tofu search, and after some confusion between it and the won ton wrappers, Lucy and I were able to leave Wal-Mart with our vegetarian protein source in tow.

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