Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Best Tapas Bar in Massachusetts and a taste of Morocco in Boston

This weekend was filled with birthday celebrations and restaurant trips that were reminiscent of my recent Spain trip. Both places were fabulous so I have some recommendations for good eats in the Boston/Worcester area.
Friday night we went to Tangierino Restuarant followed by heading downstairs to the Koullshi Lounge. This is a Moroccan establishment in Charlestown, Ma. The menu was a little pricey for me: meals were around $30. The harira soup appetizer was excellent, as was the hummus. Next time I think I would stop there and not even get an entree. My favorite part was eating on a couch and being greeted by the resident belly dancer! Downstairs is a hookah lounge with lots of atmosphere but music so loud it was hard for our group of 9 to keep the conversation going. I guess I should mention that the Moroccan theme is relevant because when we were in Seville, we were only about 2 hours from Morocco. We ardently tried to make a side trip but we were unable to change our Ryan Air flight. Booooo Ryan Air.
Saturday night a group went to Bocado Tapas Bar in Worcester, Ma. They had a great package where we got to choose 4 meats or cheeses, 8 tapas, 1 paella and 2 desserts for $125. It was meant for 4 people but more than filled 6 girls! I feel a little guilty admitting it but the tapas were some of the tastiest I've had-both at other tapas spots and even en Espana! The pan con tomate is always high on my fave list but we also had some out of this world fried honeyed goat cheese. I have all sorts of analogies about the lengths I would go to for this cheese but they are all so outlandish, they are gross when written out. Suffice it to say, it was incredible. Truly incredible. Also very tasty: rice balls, a panko crusted mac and cheese, and a duck dish. They had all sorts of interesting flavored Sangrias which kept most of the ladies jovial, as well.
I love conjuring up travel memories via my taste buds!

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