Friday, July 8, 2011

Blogger Identity Crisis

The blog has been quiet for a few days because I'm having a blogger identity crisis.

Do I write about whatever I want to on a given day or do I need more of a theme? Is there anyone out there who would be interested in the same things I am? At the moment, I'm addicted to reading other people's travel blogs but I don't think I travel enough yet to warrant that being my only focus. (I'm working on it, though!) A couple months ago, I was all about home decorating blogs (but then I ran out of rooms to keep playing with).

A friend who runs a writing group told me that some of the unique categories I fit into would be interesting fodder for a blog: domestic violence victim advocate, religious minority, triathlete. But here are some problems with that:
1. I am pretty sure I am the only not-great-at-practicing Mormon who is passionate about social justice and is a mediocre multi sport athlete.
2. Which gets to my next problem of not being great or conventional at most of those unique categories.... Religiously, I practice in a way most others don't and hold some beliefs and behaviors that are clearly outside the norm. Athletically, while I love to swim, and like to bike, I don't have very warm feelings or strong skill sets around running and am only doing one race this summer.
3. On the work front, I usually can't write about specifics because of confidentiality and safety and, let's be honest, it's not what I look forward to coming home and expounding on after a long, hard day.

So the point is that I don't know what my point is. Most days I want to write about what I am most excited about, which, at the moment is traveling. But some days I just want to write about the wacky story in the news, a good book I read, a great movie I saw, or the fun I have found in every day life that week. Most of my friends write Mommy Blogs so may not have run into this existential crisis:)
I am open to ideas, here, folks!


  1. I'd like to think that my blog isn't just a mommy blog, though. I mean, maybe it is. I guess I write about my kids a lot- but that's because I interact with them for the whole day and night. I think that it's not "mommy" because it isn't just a blog about how cute my kids are and what we did that day. (Although, aren't my kids cute? And don't they say the darndest things!?) I like that you write about a lot of stuff- I think that you should just keep up your journalistic style- unless you're trying to make profit, or something, in which case maybe you'd want to be more "niche".

  2. You know that I hate to challenge anyone, but... I truly think that you already have everything that you need to write a full and captivating blog-the tying theme has just evaded you.

    When I consider the things you're passionate about and have shared before- your tri-competitions, decorating, religion traveling, etc they all speak to me of the steps you take to enrich your life (or self care as you might say it at work).

    I think that's your theme.

    You don't have to be the best at something, or singularly focused on one activity to captivate a readership.

    Perhaps your calling is to be genuine and reflective about the process of living an enriched life. Besides, you're an intelligent, articulate and funny woman... those qualities will all come through in the process-and will captivate.

    Perhaps "Aspiring to the Middle" is just that. One woman's exploration to find the middle- balance through self-care and self-enrichment.

  3. Sarah, I agree that you are less of the mommy blog prototype. There are things in your blog that I can really relate to, even without kids. Congrats on your U2 concert, by the way!

    Jo, thank you for your thoughts. I really appreciate your opinion and feedback. I probably should have just talked to you about this and saved some typing:)