Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where I've been: USA

 Thanks to my friend Sarah at I mean really happy for posting this cool map and link to show where you have traveled. I have been to 34 states (68%). Not too shabby! A lot of these were not for long visits but were via car as I road tripped. The summer after I graduated from college, Sarah came and drove from Massachusetts to Utah with me. From Utah that summer, I took a trip with my first girl posse of travel (using the Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road, of course, ). We went to Las Vegas, Nevada and to California. Eventually, I had to drive back home. I did that with my mom and had an eventful stop at a great zoo in Omaha, Nebraska and got to see all the flowers at Graceland marking the 25th anniversary of Elvis's death. A year later, another girl posse used the Bad Girls Guide to get from Massachusetts to Florida to hop on a very memorable and eventful cruise (my first at the time). It's amazing how much both the landscape and the culture varies across this one country and it's absolutely stunning to see it all change right before your eyes from behind the wheel!

PS. Airplane layovers don't count, folks!

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