Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Lost Girls

I just finished reading The Lost Girls, which I now want to recommend. It's about three girls who leave their NYC jobs to do a round the world trip for a year. I was immediately drawn to this when I stumbled across its existence while indulging my current favorite time suck of reading people's travel blogs.
I have dozens of pages earmarked for future blog inspiration and am definitely passing my copy along to my "road sister" Siobhan, who I know will start creating spreadsheets about future trips to at least a handful of the countries the Lost Girls visit in the book. Thanks to their travels, Laos may have just been added to my to-see list.
Speaking of, what's on your to-see list? I think I need to commit mine to paper ala the Bucket List. (I do have a mini bucket list already jotted down, do you?)
I can't wait to discuss some travel epiphanies with someone else who reads this. Thanks to the authors for representing the nexus of the quarter life crisis with wanderlust!

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