Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday night revelations

I've never blogged from my phone before and it will probably take a month to type and be riddled with errors but I have learned so much on the last hour that I can't help myself. Sadly, most of them are about The Bachelorette.
First off, how can anyone think these people are for real? Where do I begin?! Guys sitting around talking about each others dating strategies? No. This girl is super cheesy. Why does anyone want to date her anyway? Of course she is beautiful but everything she says is irritating.
I think this show would be leaps and  bounds better if they let me narrate it and mock them. Like when the single dad is crying about his kid I could be in the bottom right corner making faces like a crying baby rubbing his eyes and laughing that Rob Zombie wife laugh. She has the best make fun of you laugh on the planet.
Another idea I had was to be the next bachelorette. Now hear me out. Yes, I'm married and no I don't actually want to make out with those clowns. But it would be fun to hear their lame-o lines and to catch them in their insincerity. We could take it from vanilla to cotton candy pop rocks.
Side note that I just shamefully recalled: when my husband proposed he said "will you accept this ring?" and I made a Bachelor reference. DURING MY PROPOSAL. A moment I had dreamed about and I tainted it with this filth.
Ok, back to the rose ceremony and to eagerly awaiting the potential gem of The Glass House.
P.S. I just scored a 108 point word in Words With Friends. Booya!


  1. 1. I would totally watch a MST3K/Bachelorette mash-up if you were on it.
    2. Now I have GOT to hear that laugh. I also have a specific cackle that I use when laughing at other people's misfortune.
    3. Oh, no, he di'int! Really?!

  2. I could see you producing a "pop up video" bachelorette version. Do it!

  3. The Pop Up Video series of the Jersey Shore were some of the best hours of my life and I still have them saved on my dvr for inspiration.

  4. That must have been some episode; Jason Good mocked it today, too.