Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things I think you should know today

Things I think you should know today:
1. Atlantic City might have a time vortex. I had a girls' weekend there this past Friday through Sunday and it was simultaneously both the fastest and slowest 40 hours of the year. I think it siphoned some of my lifeforce/energy in exchange, though.
2. Paris was an amazing city (that I have still yet to write about) but there was so much to see that  I think it overloaded the culture part of my brain. Now all I want is beach vacations and to stare vacantly until someone catches me, thinks I am staring at them and I get all flustered.
3. Boloco has a nutella milkshake.
4. And Panera Bread's peach smoothie is pretty much the perfect food when it's too hot to eat a real meal. Of course that's because I can't easily access Jamba Juice, which would trump all. I have written to them twice and suggested they bring a location to the swanky mall in Natick, MA, which is far more accessible for me than the 2 college locations they currently offer in Boston. How do I get them on board? Will you all write to them for me, too?

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  1. I totally want to hear your thoughts on Paris. Do tell.

    I don't very often get the sit back and relax vacations because my husband is a go and see type of guy. That is why I'm pushing for Maine some summer. Hopefully sooner rather than later.