Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One Liners and Other Blogs (and lack of title creativity)

I love reading my blog stats. Today I learned that one of the phrases that people search and find my blog is "i bought a pair of skiny colored jeggings and i am 45".  Please note that the spelling error is original to the seach. And I have a reader in Moldova, which I couldn't identify on a map if I were on a game show. Sir or Madam, could you make yourself known and teach me about your country? I like to travel so maybe I can add it to my to-see list once I know in which direction I should start flying.

Another great liner was self-produced. I didn't realize how awesome it was until it was all typed out and then even I wanted to be my own friend. In an email to a friend I offered the hook " Franti was AMAZING. I have such stories for you including a near death experience, a ride in a police car and sexually harassing the band". That story  might be tomorrow's blog post so come back for more if you are hungry for the details, which you clearly should be.

Finally, because my left contact hurts too much to keep writing, I will take the lazy route and direct you to read someone else's blog instead. My very funny friend Jenn wrote a post last week that I just stumbled upon about how to be a good neighbor. You can read it here. I find it inspiring because I recently had to send a neighbor anonymous, respectful hate mail about her dog barking and waking me up every morning. I am proud to report that it hasn't happened since so she is earning back some good neighbor street cred!


  1. I got mad at you when I read the first paragraph, because I swear to god I was about to write the same exact post in an hour! But then I read the third. You earned your Blogger-neighbor street cred back. ;)

  2. Haha! Do 45 year olds buying skinny jeans find your blog, too? Write away!! You know I love it.

  3. Best search term ever: "a superhero looking into water with glowing red eyes"