Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nothing to Blog about

You would think that if I have nothing to blog about that I just wouldn't blog, right? Wrong. I'm taking a mental break from work at the moment. The client who is supposed to be sitting across from me right now never called or came. And that's ok. I wasn't feeling attentive anyway so it's all for the best.
We had a training on S&M in our staff meeting today. Yes, really. My favorite part was when one of the older women asked how one finds out about parties. Oh the visuals I visualize!
Other than that, what can I tell you?
I brought my spare sound machine (of course I had a back up!) from my office back to my bedroom and slept like a very tired baby last night, meaning I didn't wake up every few hours like a regular baby. Or like I have been because the cat has been coughing up hair balls between 3-5am the past few nights. I kicked the cats out of the bed and shut the door and enjoyed my water noises from the machine. I'm also enjoying a particularly comfy blanket while my usual one is being cleaned. I could have picked it up on Monday but who has the time? Too much work = fatigue = boring paragraphs related to  my desire to be back in my bed.
I could also tell you about getting put on blast by a woman in a group I was leading last night. That felt good. The women asked us to self-disclose our traumatic experiences, which is a professional no-no. When we nicely avoided the question, not everyone let it go quietly. Ah, vacation Maureen checked out sometime last night during that meeting.
Oh, I could also tell you about how I have not done my taxes yet. I am the kind of person accountants hate at this time of year. I had the best intentions of doing them tonight but when I went to gather all the documents, I can't find my form from my job, my 401k, or my mortgage. Awesome. So I'm going to see a movie tonight instead.
Something about all this makes me want to laugh. I hope it does for you, as well!


  1. We have to file an extension on our taxes EVERY year so don't feel too bad. I think it's hilarious you had a meeting about S&M. What the??
    I've been thinking about getting a sound machine ever since I read about it on here a few days ago. Right now I turn on a small table fan at night for white noise. Do the machines work well?

  2. I honestly can't live without one, Donna. I recommend you get one but with the knowledge that you may never go back to regular sleep again. I'm a very light sleeper; sounds and light distract me and the sound machine has all sorts of lovely water noises: ocean waves, rain fall, running streams, that soothe me right to sleep!
    The S&M training was, bottom line, to get across the point that it's consensual and not about violence or abuse but talking about it in a professional setting for more than ten minutes was a strain on my giggle reflex, for sure.