Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Phone Saga Continues...although it should not

I'm fairly certain that everyone is over hearing about my new phone journey. However, after my most recent Phonemania post found here raved about the service at the AT&T store at the mall, which was the deciding factor for us choosing to sign another two year contract with this company as opposed to one of the others we visited and felt warm toward, it felt totally essential to follow up after what unfolded yesterday.
I had done of the the "minute requests" on my phone because I was curious. When we went in for the new plan, the sales associate encouraged us to drop to the lowest number plan since AT&T mobile to mobile minutes just switched to cover ALL other cell numbers, regardless of carrier. How many minutes do you really spend talking to land lines anymore? I don't even know my own land line number by heart after two years because we so rarely even plug that phone in. I honestly can't say I have ever dialed out from it. So I was just interested to see how many minutes we actually did talk to land lines, since those would be the only minutes actually getting used from the plan. I got the text back and didn't really understand it. I did it again in a couple days and, from the number rising, I could tell that the text was actually telling me the number of minutes OVER our plan we were going. IMPOSSIBLE, I thought.
Next, I got a service text message saying we had spent $50 in text messages this month. Again, this would be impossible because we pay for unlimited texts because we do a lot of that.
The phone company won't ever actually deal with me and my feisty-ness because Hubby is the primary on the account. Hubby is not nearly as (fill in the blank: aggressive, worked up, vindictive, justice seeking, angry, upset) about all of this, or really anything in life, to be fair. Soooo, I'm a little panicked letting him call to take care of all of this because we all know nice guys not only finish last but also pay more for their phone bills.
Long story less long, Hubby was able to at least get us out of the overage charges and back onto a real plan, although getting him to describe the details of any of this or help me understand what our new/actual plan is was another thing I would label as impossible. The guy at the store somehow promised us 20% off the quoted monthly bill, as an incentive to stay with AT&T over taking our business to another company. Let's see if Hubby can get that reinstated, as well.
The moral of this story is that the great service I raved about was all LIES. I truly blows my mind. How could a sales associate blatantly lie? He really told us we were getting A, B, and C and then we got X, Y, and Z. There were no similarities between what we agreed on and signed a new contract for and what we got. Just the fact that Hubby had to spend his whole morning on the phone fixing all of it is unacceptable.  While Hubby is just glad that we are not going to have to take out a loan to pay a phone bill that is totally different than what we expected, I want retribution. I want the store manager at the AT&T in the Natick Collection to know this is happening. I want corporate AT&T to know this is happening. I want anyone I can reach by reading this to know this is happening. And I want an apology.

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  1. Good thing you aren't both big sissies like me and Paul. I once paid my sister $10 to fix something over the phone for me because I was too scared to do it. Maybe it could be a second job for you!

    Hope it all works out!