Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wowza wednesday

1. i was just checking out the blog stats and saw a new referring site that i didnt recognize. i clicked on it and it brought me to a nasty graphic porn site! whats up with that????? i nearly had a heart attack. im still shaken.

2. there's no avoiding it: everyone has an opinion about the Royal Wedding. most of the opinions seem to be "im sick of hearing about it" but by posting that on facebook, you are talking about it, too, silly!! one of my favorite places, plimoth plantation, is showing it live:) i will be at work friday living a normal, non royal life but i do like the idea of getting all gussied up to watch the royal nuptials in an event-like setting. i actually have read/watched next to nothing about all of it. the blessing of not watching the news and only watching shows on dvr is a blissful ignorance of whats happening in the world most days. i did read in a tabloidy magazine that they have had to practice kissing on the balcony so the cameras can get the right angle. i cant help but feel really bad for kate middleton! every bride is nervous and excited but this girl has some huge pressure on her!! perhaps even more so than diana since she is being compared to her husbands mother: recipe for disaster? i hope they receive some royal couples counseling:)

3. i accidentally deleted my picture from the blog. im not trying to be extra incognito!


  1. -7?!?! You win!

    PS. Porn site? Yuck. Sometimes it's better not to know.

  2. ahh I am excited about the Royal wedding, I think hats are awesome, and it is just fun! Now I don't care if Kate brushed her teeth or went to buy new shoes... but I am excited to see her dress...It will probably be less than what is anticipated but fun none the less, and honestly I rather read about this than politics or war... JMO