Saturday, April 30, 2011

random loves and hates

i love
when a song you didn't even know you wanted to hear comes on the radio and surprises you with how excited you are to hear it!
when you turn on your car and the same song is playing on the radio as when you shut your car off. weird.
golden raspberries.
when you see a cop while you are driving, get nervous, and then confirm that you actually were going under the speed limit and have no need to worry!
whenever i hear ice, ice baby.
how catching back to the future on tbs feels like a treat even though i own the DVD and could watch it whenever i wanted to.
when cat litter scoops in neat clumps.
when there's no line at the salad bar at Russo's.
Boston accents.
when someone is unnecessarily kind.
when i get freebies. like i tried to order just a soda at the mall food court and the guy gave it to me for free. Thanks Buddy!!!

i hate
when a tube of lip gloss keeps oozing after you squeeze, giving more than you need or want.
when you sit down and the chair is still warm from someone else's butt warmth. yuck.
someone pulls in front of you just to go slower than you.
getting stuck behind a landscaping truck that is going 20mph.
how the Dr always makes you weigh in. even right after lunch.
the smell of sponges.
the cars for kids commercial.
Natalie merchants voice.
when people try to pull off calling you a nickname but you can tell they are trying really hard.
when someone on TV does a bad Boston accent.
non traditional looking McDonald's structures.
when you lose one earring. trite, i know, but it happened to me this week.

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