Friday, April 15, 2011

Reposting a great blog from a friend....

Pantyhose and Paradigms

One of my friends and coworkers posted a blog this week, Pantyhose and Paradigms, that I really loved reading. It is about body image, one of my favorite topics, in the GLBTQ community.
I love stories of people being happy with their bodies and am always intrigued by communities that help foster those positive self feelings. It's interesting that groups that are marginalized by "the man" often come together to support one another and create microcosms of society that, in a lot of ways, are much more idyllic than society at large. I think about how the African American community is also much more accepting of varied body shapes and how the Latina population seems to embody the "it takes a village" mentality about children and share childcare responsibilities much more freely than the broader community.
Let me know what thoughts this brings up for you! Happy reading!

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