Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ch Ch Changing

That title is from a song. Do you know it?

Do you know any songs with the word ennui in them? I do. If you do, too, please share!

But to the point, I'm thinking this blog is changing again.

It has been my experience that for a blog to have a reader base there has to be a theme. You know what you are getting. You read that blog when you are in the mood for it's stated theme. Fine.

I have tried that and found myself feeling claustrophobic, in a sense. What word would Lucy from Charlie Brown's gang use to describe feeling trapped by theoretical confines I, myself, created? I have enjoyed writing about travel and will continue to do so but what about everything in between trips? For a while, I thought the in between would be filled with my pursuit of home loveliness and personal domestication. And sometimes it is. But more often the in between, the real stuff of life, has no theme. Life, at least mine, is an ongoing balance of work vs play, should vs want, mind vs body, etc. "Aspiring to the Middle" was always about finding a balance between the different parts of my life, which sometimes clash up against each other. And my goal has long been to be successful in all sorts of varied arenas, not to be the star in just one. So really, it makes sense that trying to box myself in to just talking/writing about a couple of topics felt yucky.

As a result, I hereby reclaim this blog. It will be not just about travel and home but everything and anything in between. As Cartman from South Park would gloriously say, "I'll do what I want". Some days I might write about television because it's all I can think about. Like last night I stayed up until 3:30 am, unwise the night before staring my new work week, so that I could watch multiple episodes of Downton Abbey and be up to date. And sometimes I might write about the books I like, a funny experience I had, or something more serious like a cause I am passionate about. You won't really know what you are getting if you choose to read.

But I'd encourage you to think of it like reaching into a goody bag of candy you filled at the bulk candy aisle of Wegman's; you will like whatever you pull out. Most of the time. Unless you get a stomach ache. Because I would argue that I am one of the quirkiest people I know and I think that makes me endlessly interesting. How's that for modesty? Even people who have known me for decades don't always get it right when they try to guess what I will think about something or what my reasoning behind something is. My brain works differently. My view of the world is different. And I hope that variety will entertain you, even if you don't see it coming.

So there you have it. Recreated.

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  1. That's right! Blog about whatever the heck you feel like writing about or it's just not fun!