Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wacky or Wonderful?

You be the this wacky or wonderful?
Pros: Antlers are huge right now. Funky. Interesting. I have had a window with these paper mache sets from West Elm up on my computer for days so I must really need them.
Cons: They are expensive. While I would like to splurge and get a clear animal shape, the only real options I would allow myself are the small set for about $20 or the medium indistinct one (in the middle of the pic) for about $30. Also, I'm not I have any space cool enough to house them. But isn't that why I need them? To change the coolness factor?
Here are some more shots to inform your decision...


  1. I wouldn't pay for papier-mache. DIY!

  2. You've been reading Young House Love huh? Sherry's got ya hooked on her antlers? I personally think wacky, but I think if you like it start saving!

  3. I'm not a mounted animal head fan, whether fake or real (although fake is better!), but if you really like them and can't stop thinking about them, I think you should save up and get them!