Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

What would February 14th be without a Valentine's Day post? Last year I focused on the commercialismness of it all and how little I believe in embracing that here. Similarly, this year I vetoed flowers/gifts early in the month and recommended that we make each other's gifts.

Why? We have more exciting and noteworthy things to spend our money on than empty expressions of love that every store pushes on you. That's not to say that those things are not wonderful and welcomed for a lot of people. Personally, though, I would rather get flowers for no reason than because they were front and center at Shaw's. AND in my mind I justify that any holiday or special occasion that we don't go big on siphons money to my main priorities: travel and decorating.

Also, I have been spending more time on Pinterest lately. You can find me here if you are so inclined. One of my friends posted a "pin" to an idea I was really taken with. It's a book of 52 (for the weeks in the year) reasons I love you. THIS seems to be the original blog link. If I am able to pull off its creation between tonight and tomorrow, I will let you know:)

In the meantime, I am super excited to see what Hubby will come up with. It's kind of fun to anticipate what he is even thinking of when I say "make something". My first thought was cupcakes or some other literal translation such as making food. But yesterday he was asking what percentage of the gift he had to make and gave the example of "what if I give you a basket filled with lip gloss but I made the basket?". 1. He def does not know how to make baskets. 2. As much as I love lip gloss, the percentage of unmade items is too high, I decided.  Can't wait to see what he pulls off.....

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