Thursday, February 2, 2012

Superbowl: Football or Commercials?

Ok, I'm inspired today. No more ranting about the future generation or telling you what I'm going to write about. Today we get serious. We talk about commercials.

I am among the many who get excited for the Superbowl for the commercials, I confess. If you think about it, that's some really amazing marketing that I'm watching hours of programming just to see what comes on when the "main event" is taking a break! This year is a bit different because I am a New Englander and we have loyalty pulsing through our veins. So even though I am not a big sports watcher, I become a Patriots fan in such a competitive rivalry soley based on honor. As the New England Patriots are in the Superbowl this year, I will have to pay attention for more than a few minutes at a time to watch commercials.

Even though I need to eat a few more chips on Sunday to keep up my energy for longer television viewing endurance, I am admittedly still really pumped for the commercials. In building toward the #1 commercial that I am thrilled to see air, let me tell you about some other commercials that bring joy to my life.

In Superbowls past, the Snickers adds that featured Betty White and then Roseanne Barr truly spoke to me. It is a wise marketing exec who knows that people my age have buying power and also that our hearts are closely tied to our histories. Those histories involve The Golden Girls (who everyone on the planet knows I adore) and Roseanne. Making Betty White talk trash during a football game or showing Roseanne whining as she is most famous for doing, is the stuff of commercial gold.

More recently, my favorite new commercial is from Doritos. Have you seen the one where the guy is eating Doritos as work and the other guy says something like, "you forgot the best part" and sucks the cheese residue off his coworkers finger? So gross and so awesome. Later in the same commercial, another coworker wipes Dorito cheese on his pants and the guy sniffs them. Genius. Because who among us has not licked Dorito cheese off our clothing? Oh, I mean our fingers. Woops.

For the main event, please enjoy a link to this commercial spoof of Ferris Bueller. If this doesn't make you pumped for Sunday's big game, you have no soul. Good day to you.

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