Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blog Recommendation: Something Clever 2.0

My very clever friend who also happens to write a very humorous blog has been documenting her recent trip to the North Conway, NH area. Growing up in New England, I'm pretty sure this is like a required family trip. And in my world, where tradition is king, that makes it awesome.

The natural geography and geology make it a stunning backdrop but, beyond that, there are tons of family activities including fabulous camp grounds, Story Land, Santa's Village, Clark's Trading Post, and (my fave) moose tours. I wanted to share a link from Day 1 of their trip, especially, because it has a link to one of the coolest hotels I have ever seen and because I just love reading about these places that I visited as a child. Also, you should "like" Something Clever 2.0 on facebook so you get all of the funny posts and other little tidbits. I'm off to read Day 3 Part 1 now.....

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  1. If you love Ravenwood Curiosities, as you should, I have like 20 more pics I can show you. I took them for Fred next door. You know why.