Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today's version of My Shoes Are Awesome

This was actually supposed to post yesterday but my phone and Blogger seem to have a tumultuous relationship and I guess this time the phone won the argument. You may remember another awesome pair of shoes that I needed to blog about in the original My Shoes Are Awesome Post.
I 100% believe that shoes can make or break your day. Kind of like underwear only the whole world can see your shoes (and hopefully not your underooos). When I wear amazing shoes I just feel more confident....fierce in Tyra Speak. My friend asked me if I was "smizing" at people (more Tyra Speake) and you know what? I totally was! Only mostly men in work trucks that I thought might smize back. Just for fun, you know?
I might have to make awesome shoes a more regular segment so that I can rationalize buying them. Who supports this idea?

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