Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jersey Shore Awesomeness

The only appropriate way to begin this post is "OMG Y'ALL!!!"

My beloved coworker and Bodypump partner in crime just sent me THE MOST AMAZING JEZEBEL PIECE ON THE JERSEY SHORE. It's almost as if this friend was put on the planet to make each week a little brighter with the right amount of dirt. Just two weeks ago, she, herself, went on an actual summer vacation to the Jersey Shore. She stayed in Long Beach Island but made the trip to Seaside Heights to visit our friends Pauly D and Ron-Ron. She actually glimpsed them in the Shore Store and told me all about the security tents and waivers you have to sign and sent pictures to my phone to keep me up to speed in real time. Needless to say, it was all fabulousness. She even brought me home a shirt!! I owe that girl a Blizzard, fo sho.

I might have even gotten around to writing about it and sharing her pictures but then Jezebel upstaged me and they have just a few more followers than I do so I will default to them and their well lit pictures. After feeling icky all day, I saved this for dessert at the end of my work day and it did not disappoint. Aside from the fact that I am going to promptly "forget" all of the talk about the show being acted or the concept that this is the final season, I loved this author's voice and think she could be in the competition for my new bestie if I ever get one of those shows like Paris Hilton had. So I'm going to go read every hyperlink from that posting now and you should go read the posting and then come back here and write me a thank you note.

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