Thursday, July 19, 2012

I am the Reailty TV Whisperer Part 1

I seem to go through thematic kicks in my blog posts. Right now the theme is reality tv. It all goes back to self care and the method I am preferring at the moment. There are still way too many travel posts I would like to get out to you but, seeing how it's summer and gorgeous out most days, I feel like I am betraying the lovely New England summer by talking up another place. My brain also goes on a skimmer mode, refusing to dive deep unless it's a special occasion. So I don't crave culture; I crave beach days, Panera lemonade and simple entertainment.

Lucky for me, last night I morphed into The Reality TV Whisperer. I had to bold it because if I ever have to choose the most likely superhero persona for me, that would be it and I want it to be all special like that. Like how Superman gets to be capitalized.

Last Wednesday I stumbled upon Beverly Hills Nannies and thought I had struck gold. The parents were outrageous and the nannies were far too entitled so it made for a great, catty hour. I liked it enough to set the DVR to record it so last night at 10 when I was looking for it but found something else I felt ok choosing the newer option. And boy, am I glad I did!!

It's rare that reality tv can shock me anymore. I mean what idea have the collective "they" not come up with yet? Pretty much every subset of people and animal has been exploited so far. We have gotten a glimpse into the lives of all sorts of taboo, unique, odd and interesting hobbyists and subcultures. Gross habits and obsessions have their own genre, even. But, alas, last night my jaw was on the couch. (it coulnd't make it to the floor because I was in a reclined position).

So what brought me to this state?
 Virgin Diaries is a show on TLC, which also just earned a spot in my top 3 favorite channels. The only word that even begins to capture the awesomeness is awkward. So, so very awkward. Last night I was introduced to Skippy, a 34 year old Mormon virgin. I must admit that the Mormon factor is what hooked me in because I want to see how popular media is portraying a culture I identify with but that gets a lot of negative attention. Well, Skippy isn't helping the cause is all I can say. He was almost endearing in his puppy-like enthusiasm and lack of ability to read social cues but his penchant for collecting belly button lint and making self promoting tee shirts and stickers really worked against him.

Then there was the 33 year old moderately attractive girl who is dating a non-virgin but waiting for marriage to consummate their relationship. In theory, that would be fine. But in this dyad, it was painful to watch as the girl was overly confident about her boyfriend's feelings and his private narrative to the camera made it clear that he was only considering marrying her so that they could have sex. Sounds like a healthy plan to me? Um, no.

Finally, there was a follow up to a couple who got married last year, never having ever kissed anyone or each other before their wedding day. The wedding day kiss was seriously the worst thing I have ever seen. It made me physically cringe and want to burrow my head in the couch cushions. The follow up is that they have been working on their kissing but, trust me, the so called improvement is still pretty painful to view and, on top of it all, the two individuals involved are both the kind of people that make you support Darwin a little more. How did either of them survive in the world up until now??
Here's a link to a video of "Practice Makes Perfect"

I texted my bestie and recruited her to watch with me and engage in commentary with me throughout the show because just like misery loves company, so does mockery. And there was so much fodder here that I was legit beaming with glee.

I want to tell you about what I found next but I think you need some time to let this soak in so come back tomorrow for more....In the meantime, puhleazze check this show out and if you are one of my Utah based friends, let me know if you know someone who knows Skippy!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I think I saw them on The Soup last year! Weren't they the ones who ate each other's faces like Miami zombies? I can't believe that's real.