Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday night tv kills me

I can't decide which is more ridiculous: the bachelorette and its music or the fact that I'm watching it. AGAIN. Thank goodness I usually workout on Monday nights because the two that I've been home and watched this have made me question society a lot. How mean is it that she wants 3 guys to profess their love for her while she stays silent? Greedy. And she needs to start wearing tongue condoms because makeout sessions with so many people back to back is just germy. And don't even get me started on the fact that this bachelorette has a kid and we have to talk about "ricki" so much. Poor kid with her name all over tv and cute 20 somethings writing her love notes before they've met her and fantacizing about being her dad. Altogether creepy.
Then I just saw a commercial for a new Fall show, Nashville. I'm sorry but I already saw this. It was called Country Strong and it was an hour and a half movie. It kills me that the American Horror Story lady is in it because I actuslly respected her.
They are really hyping up this Glass House show, too. One commercial said "why should you watch it? Puppies!" And had the whole cast of the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl run in. The next one said "it's raining in the glass house" and showed multiple housemates crying. I did watch the first episode and thought it had plenty of fodder to mock here but it was so bad that I actually thought I was above ut. That's saying a lot for someone who wants to plan a trip to Vegas just to eat at Flavor Flav's new chicken and waffle restsurant.
Ok, the blond on tv us crying again....it's like a vortex sucking me in.

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  1. I don't know why this didn't post last night but better late than never since this show drives me bananas.