Friday, July 20, 2012

I am the Reality TV Whisperer Part 2

I knew you'd be back for more! This stuff is too good to pass by and I know you don't have time to find all the most scintillating reality shows on your own so let me do the dirty work for you!

Ok, so I had just finished the Virgin Diaries and was actually heading upstairs to start settling down for bed. My DVR has been really full lately so I like to go through it at night to see what I can weed out to make room for the other gems I find along the way. As I was doing this, the tv turned itself on to VH1 (which has been in my top 3 favorite channels for years and is my personal hallmark for reality programming). It must have been recording a show there recently or something but it just delivered me a gift by tuning into the very first episode of a new reality show.

Let's pause there for a minute. How did VH1 making a new reality show sneak by me in the first place? I'm a little ashamed that I wasn't in the know.

But, thank goodness, I'm up to speed now. The new show is called Mama Drama and it features mother/daughter pairs moving into a house Real World style (and all other reality shows based out of a house nowadays style). While this show didn't have the shock factor that Virgin Diaries and belly button lint collecting had, this brought some good, old fashioned appalling people factor that VH1 does better than anyone else. Well, VH1 and MTV are sister channels and it should be noted that the creator of this show is none other than SallyAnn Salsano, creator of the The Jersey Shore.

The best experience for me was that Hubby came home while I was watching and somehow, miraculously, got sucked in by said appalling people. (He is not normally a reality tv watcher like I am, a difference that might be larger in our marriage than our different religions, truthfully). But mothers and daughters who dress alike, more swear words being bleeped out per minute than South Park, and a public throw down in the first episode is kind of irresistible. Oh, I forgot to mention the race war that is brewing in the house before our very eyes. When you tune in, it will be hard to miss Loren, the most foul mouthed woman with a Master's degree known to man. She is there with her twins daughters who she had when she was 16. So yeah, this is basically Teen Mom: The Adult Years. One of her best quotes of the night was "Just cuz you dress prissy don't mean you more classy than another m***er f***er".

So let me break it down for you: Clear your Wednesday nights. Clear your DVR. These shows will make you feel better about your life, make you laugh, make you cringe and bring couples together. What's a better ending to Hump Day than that??

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  1. Watching The Soup and they showed Skippy and the girl with tattoos and no gag reflex. I might need to get on board.