Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Phonemania: The Conclusion

I finally decided on a new phone! It's the HTC Inspire from AT&T. I have to note that we made follow up visits to T Mobile and were still pretty sold but then went to the AT&T store in the mall, which made a world of difference!
Unlike the other two locations we had visited, the mall store actually had phones that were charged and working so we could figure out what we liked. The service was great, as well. Whereas the guy we talked to a a different location told us that they basically didn't care to keep as customers, the staff at the mall store was very accommodating and tried to work deals out with us to keep us. And it worked!
The  new phone is way too fancy for me. I seriously need to read up and study it in order to really understand what it can do and how to do it. I tried to post a blog entry the other night so I could attach a picture of the kitten licking the phone, which I found so bizarre, but I couldn't figure out how to add a title and the typing is an acquired skill, for sure.
One really cool feature  is that I can speak my text message. Sometimes it mishears me and recorded " I use the animal hospital as a vet" as " I use the animal hospital as a bed" but my real friends would get that either of those could be true so don't judge:)
So....I hope to figure this thing out soon and have tremendous pictures to share with you!

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