Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Commercial Love Day!

What kind of girl would I be if I didn't write about Valentine's Day? Although I haven't had many of those single Valentine's Days where the unpaired of the world are supposed to lament, I can totally understand that sentiment. Why do we have a day dedicated to coupledom? For those who are happy, we should celebrate our love every day! For those who are not, paired or not paired, I don't think we need a day to commemorate that. And don't get me started on boxed chocolates!! So not a fan.
I think, nationally, we should take Valentine's Day back as a kid's holiday. It was so fun to write and receive cards in a paper bag I decorated at school. And who doesn't need a reason to make and eat pink frosted cookies?
But since I'm supposed to celebrate it as an adult, let me report what I did to celebrate. Monday night is reserved for BodyPump, my favorite class at the gym so activities tonight were off limits. We were kind of planning to do something for Valentine's Day on Saturday since it was the only night we both had free. Then Hubby's sister announced she was going to be in a play and we planned to go. At the last minute, Hubby decided he couldn't handle the play so we went out to dinner instead. We tried a new place in town and it was pretty much an epic fail. I even gave the leftovers to my Dad because he will eat anything. So, the best thing to come from my holiday so far? Hubby downloaded a bunch of songs that Adam Duritz of Counting Crows had recorded this week for fans for Valentine's Day. I truly couldn't ask for a better treat!!!

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