Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'd like to write a creative post tonight

But it's not in the cards. I had a great weekend and took more pictures that I need to catch up on downloading and posting here but....I CAN'T FIND THE CAMERA CORD THING! At least I tried, right? This problem might be solved if I had one of those fancy phones that takes pics and posts them online. I am like Zack Morris currently, with none of those special features. My hubby has the same phone and I can hardly understand him; he honestly sounds like a T operator on the phone.
So...on the to do list:
Find camera cord thing
Figure out if you spell it cord or chord. feel free to weigh in
Go phone shopping
Write a better blog post when I have pics to go with my stories.


  1. I'd spell it cord. Unless your cord is also musical.

  2. I bet Pants has stolen the cord!!

  3. i think you are on to something there...

  4. I hate it when I can't find my camera cord! (it is cord, btw!)