Monday, March 14, 2011


This weekend the plan was to relax and not let this daylight savings stuff throw me off my game. Despite having my garbage disposal break and make a dent in an already busted budget and leak vast amounts of nasty smelling liquid under my sink, mission accomplished.
The other big activity of the weekend was launching Operation: New Phone. As previously mentioned here (probably too many times because it's been on my mind a lot lately), I still have just a regular, chunky phone with no internet or special features. I am ready to upgrade into the world of Smartphones and Androids, although I have to admit I don't understand all the differences. Hubby and I went on a tour de telephones this weekend, visiting T-Mobile, Sprint, Metro PCS, and AT&T-twice. Most of them tried to wow me with gigabytes and features beyond my comprehension. I did get to play Angry Birds for the first time and it's like the Muddy Buddy of games. I want more!
So, no purchases were made and we are still analyzing plans and phones and prices but here's a brief, novice breakdown.
AT&T is our home base. It's the only cell carrier I have ever used in my personal life. (My work phone is a simple Verizon one). We started here and were intimidated by the pricing. Over the course of the weekend, the prices didn't fluctuate a ton, though there are slight differences in what the price gets you. The phones were all uncharged so we couldn't play with the phones and figure out if we like them. A different AT&T store was our final stop, as well. This time, I admit I was rattled by a customer with sagging pants and  no undies revealing too much crevice and hair. The customer service also shook me as the sales guy straight out told us that the company doesn't care if we take our service elsewhere. Well, that just made me feel all warm and loyal!
Metro PCS-affordable until  you really look. They still charge roaming fees. It just didn't seem practical if you want to use your phone anywhere but your house.
T-Mobile was enthralling. The sales guy was fun, the phones were on and Angry Birds was in play. They offer good incentives in terms of cash back to switch over but their mobile to mobile minutes are only free to other T-Mobile phones, whereas AT&T and Sprint are free mobile to any other mobile, regardless of carrier. The phones are more expensive than AT&T phones but they are practically magical. The My Touch 4 thing actually had a flashlight app with different brightness levels. Way to wow me!
Sprint was a little too stuffy. The sales people stood behind tall cubicles and asked our first names, which I didn't even bother correcting when it was repeated back erroneously. We went in there right as they were closing so we didn't linger but the environment didn't sell me. A friend told me their coverage isn't great and he can't wait to switch back to Verizon.
Speaking of, Verizon is the one place we didn't go. We were working under the assumption from a few people that the prices are higher there and we already get our cable and stuff through them so have dealt with their customer service and stuff.
I just want something with a good camera and fun effects. Suggestions???


  1. I'm happy with Sprint- for the most part- but I refuse to ever go back to AT&T, and Verizon is hella expensive. Beware of the touchscreen keyboard, I HATE IT! Good luck chica! ~JoAnn

  2. I use CREDO mobile, an online company that uses the Sprint network. Even though they don't have walk-in stores, their customer service is awesome, their rates are competitive and they donate significant dollars to progressive causes (which matches my giving style). Heather has a Blackberry curve and I have a LG Android touch. Both are fun! You can visit them on