Friday, March 4, 2011


Let me begin by clearly stating for the record that I love MTV and VH1 and reality TV. A LOT.
what's up with this 'skins' show?? Not a lot of TV offends me to the point that I can't even try it. This is an exception, though. I feel dirtier every time I even see a commercial for skins! Do those topics really speak to teens today? And I'm not at all bothered by the lesbian relationship theme that was ruffling some parents' feathers. I am, however, really bothered by the substance use and casual sex that seems to be running rampant. What parents let their kids stay out all night only to walk home over a bridge early in the morning? I'm not saying it doesn't happen but when it does, it's problematic. If this was geared toward 21 year olds, I would surely feel differently. I mean, I adore Jersey Shore, which is inundated with the same themes I just said I didn't like. Maybe it's also about the melancholy nature of the drama. I predict a teen suicide linked to this show and that's no good.
I say all this with utter ignorance, not having seen the show but if I can't deal with the ads, I'm pretty sure I would not be a fan.

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  1. I agree. I think this sounds like an awful show. I heard about the controversy surrounding it when it started. A lot of parents' groups are really upset by it. I think it's complete trash based on what I've heard and the clips I've seen.