Friday, March 18, 2011

More Random Tidbits

Last week I decided I want to be in a flash mob. I am insanely jealous of anyone who has performed the Thriller dance as part of a large group. Unfortunately, most of the flash mobs seem to happen on the west coast. However, I still signed up to be in the know in case one comes near my doorstep. Keep you posted!

Also, last week I engaged in a peanut butter debate on facebook. Fatty vs Reduced fat, natural vs sugary. Regardless of your personal preference, you have to admit that it's amusing that people could have such strong opinions about a nut butter that it would spark a public forum debate weighing the merits and disadvantages of different options. Don't even get me started on the peanut allergy classrooms.....

Have you all heard of the new Ben and Jerry's flavor, Late Night Snack, inspired by Jimmy Fallon? It's phenomenal! Picture this: vanilla ice cream with swirls of salty caramel (not just normal caramel deliciousness) and then there are chocolate covered clumps of.....wait for it.......POTATO CHIPS! I'm not a big chip fan. Most days I prefer sweet over salty but to have them make an appearance in your ice cream is an entirely different story. The unexpectedness of it is so fun that I can't help but dig for gold in my pint carton. And it's only a few seconds of potato chip goodness in your mouth before you are back to the ice creaminess of it all. Wow, I have to hand it to those guys on this one and recommend strongly that you get yourself some to sample.

The sweet/salty debate reminds me of a sweet/savory debate we have at my office once a month during staff breakfast. The first Monday of every month, one of the head honchos buys all the rest of the staff bagels and fruit, juice and such. It kind of makes me smile that the Executive Director, the highest honcho, sometimes slips in a box of pop tarts, too, as she believes they are valid breakfast food. Something about someone so legit giving something so unlegit street cred pleases me. Anyway, back to the debate...we have to get a whole bag of everything bagels and then a second bag for the "others" include anything sweet. The same pop tart toting woman scoffs at sugary bagels' existence. I like a good french toast bagel from Panera (with whom I am currently waging a morals war with online) but for breakfast, it has to be an everything bagel, no?

PS-the war with Panera is that my MyPanera card earned me a free "coffee, tea, or soda". Since I don't partake of most of those beverages, I asked for a lemonade and was told NO! I now have an ongoing conversation with Panera employees and customers nationwide regarding the lemonade debate.

How is it that 90% of this post ended up being about food?

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  1. Thank you for telling me about the potato chip icecream. I think that Paul will go nuts about that.