Monday, March 7, 2011

Metal Detector Man

there has been a man on the playground i can see from my window for the last half hour with a metal detector and a shovel. he focused heavily on the slide area, as if a toddler may  have dropped some precious gems. i did, actually, see him pocket something. i think i would rather panhandle...


  1. I think that I would rather metal-detect. But not there. Probably at the beach. That way I wouldn't have to ask people for money, but I'd still get to go to the beach. But, you're much more outgoing than me, so panhandling might be the way to go... ;)

  2. that you should have taken a picture of!

  3. I only wish I had my camera on me! Another reason I need a fancy, new phone, I guess.
    My coworker has evidently seen him a few times before so maybe he will be back for a photo op. That also leads to the question: what is he finding that brings him back multiple times.
    For some reason, using a metal detector on a beach is dorky but on a playground is creepy.