Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whiney Wednesday

Today is a drag. I had to wake up at what I consider an insane hour. I won't bother to mention the time because all the mothers will yell at me about how they get up earlier every day. I know. That's why I'm not one of you.

It's raining and nasty outside and I was really proud that I found my rain jacket because I couldn't find it when I went hiking. I drove my usual, long commute to get to court, which I like other than the time it starts. I consider it the theater of the living. I situated my rain jacket proudly and exited my car to walk into court. Instead of walking around the guardrail and taking a long, rainy stroll through the parking lot, I climbed over the guardrail. Ummmm, the wet guardrail. So my head was dry but my pants looked like I had too much to drink and couldn't get to a restroom in time.

 Now, I should add that my whole ensemble for the day was already pretty drab. When I go the court against someone I think is a bad guy, I try to be as unmemorable as possible. Frumpy and forgettable is my goal and I think I did well today-two t shirts, a bulky sweater, a big scarf, wide leg pants, a ponytail, no makeup and all blue and brown tones. good?

So, I spent four hours in the theater of the living and got desirable outcomes, thankfully. Then I went and got gas.....$51.00 to fill a Ford Focus!!! That's crazy talk!

With that, I will just say "Wednesday, I have had enough of you for this week."

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