Thursday, May 19, 2011

Been around the World and I, I, I

"I can't find my baby". Do you remember that song? It's in my head for some reason. Maybe it's because I am leaving tomorrow for my big adventure.
As for today, I am cranky. Work stuff has kind of been blowing my mind today. I won't get into it and you're welcome for that.
I have a lot to do tonight including packing, although I have been trying on clothes since last weekend. Because someone else planned the trip and I don't even understand half of the things on the itinerary, I'm just hoping I have the appropriate attire for all of the activities. I'm no fashionista but I am overly preoccupied with the clothes I will be wearing.
Tonight I need to give Hubby lots of hugs and spoon with the cats.
The DVR is cleared enough to accommodate the shows I will miss while I am gone. Check.
Me and Madame trip planner, as my friend who organized the trip is now being called, have added another tv show reference to the mix. We already have our Sex and the City  names, our Golden Girls names, our Jersey Shore personas, or as autocorrect just taught me "personae". I suggested Mob Wives identities, too, but not enough people are into it yet for it to be fun. The newest addition is from Ru Paul's Drag Race 3. The cool girls are "Heathers" and the lamo-s are "Boogers". It can be our little inside joke.
I hope I bring the right books to read, too! Isn't it the worst to bring books on vacation or to the beach and then not really be into them? I always travel with two books, just in case. I also worry that I will blow through my book and then I will be book-bare. I actually went book shopping when I was in Iceland, for the next book in my series. It was awesome to have a pricetag in Krona on the front of my book.
Ok, enough from me. Ta ta for now!

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