Friday, May 20, 2011

While I am gone....

I will be departing for my trip to Spain tonight. I have set up posts to show what I will be doing each day I am gone! These are meant for the purpose of time suckage when you should be doing something at work or around the house but would really rather not. They are also for my buddy Kim so she knows I  am not abandoning her while I am away without cell service for two weeks. Because it tickles me, I will be addressing my posts to Kimmy, herself:)
I have been getting really sad leading up to my trip. It's inevitable that I almost always cry before I travel. The idea that I won't see my husband/cats/bed/tv/mom for two weeks makes me appreciate them so much more. So I gleaned from that sadness that another reason to travel is to greater appreciate the comfort, safety, and general pleasantness of home. It's great to see other places and absorb their culture a bit-it rattles us up and helps us see the world through fresh eyes. But as Dorothy said, "There's No Place Like Home". That girl was ahead of her time.
I hope while I am gone and on hiatus from publicly complaining about the world, you will plan your next trip or do something really nice for yourself! I would now sign off in Spanish if I knew any.....

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