Friday, May 13, 2011

I made a new friend today. Bravo, I say!

It's a hard time of year.
All of the good tv shows are coming to a close. Last week I said goodbye to RuPaul's drag race. This week I bid farewell to the Bad Girls Club and am anticipating the Sunday finale of my beloved Survivor. Next week seals the deal with the naming of America's Next Top Model.
Of course, I always have the Golden Girls to stick with me through thick and thin via reruns but for something that I can't quote along with yet, what is a girl to do?
So, I made a new friend last night. Bravo.
No, I'm not just patting myself on the figurative back. I tried on the Bravo network last night and it fit quite well. I watched my first episode of Pregnant in Heels. I caught the episode where the couple wants their baby to have it's own 'brand'. They are their own variety of crazy, if I do say so myself. I got a recommendation from a trusted source that the Housewives of New Jersey will bridge the gap between the two chambers of my heart: Jersey Shore and Mob Wives. I have it set to DVR so cross your fingers for me that it fills all my Jersey stereotype dreams!
Anyone out there in TV land have a recommendation for me to add to the playlist?

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