Saturday, May 14, 2011


I try to make my posts entertaining but sometimes it's more important to just get down to business. I am pretty sure I have found a miracle product and I think it's only right that I share the news. On a more selfish level, I figure if more people buy said miracle product, maybe it will get easier to find.
Skyr is one of my finds from Iceland. It was one of the only things I could eat, actually. It's very much like yogurt but it's technically a soft cheese. That sounds gross but go with me on this one. It's 150 calories and 16 grams of protein!! (Actually I found one that is 100 calories and 14 grams of protein).
I don't love to eat meat so getting that much protein in one place is pretty amazing to me-that's more than tuna!
The best part is that it's really yummy. I don't love most yogurts. The whole Greek yogurt movement is totally lost on me. Skyr is smooth and creamy and filling. I prefer strawberry, fyi.
So, here's where I have found it: the brand I prefer is and I found it at Whole Foods. I couldn't find any brand at Trader Joe's, another healthier grocery store. It's not carried many mainstream places but I stumbled upon a brand called Siggi's at Stop and Shop this week. They didn't have any plain strawberry; they had more exotic flavors. I will be trying that later in the week.
Oh, I think I forgot to tell you why it's a miracle food. Everyone in Iceland looked like a Viking to me and Hubby. The first day we were there, a group of high school kids was on a field trip to the same tourist attraction as us and they were ALL (no exaggeration on this one) taller than us. Then, one day while watching Icelandic TV, since we didn't get anything else, we saw this competition they do there with 12-15 year olds doing like 100 push ups and rope pulls and other beastly feats. Natives eat tons of skyr and they can do this stuff. I ate some on Monday for breakfast and lifted weights for an hour that night, increasing my weight on almost every body part. I also ran 2 consecutive miles, which I haven't done in a couple months due to my laziness. I just felt like Thor!!!
So, I think you should run out and buy some and try to scale a building or run a marathon-it will help.


  1. Texture-wise would you say this is like mascarpone, except eating a little tub of it wouldn't be the worst thing you ever did?

  2. it's pretty much the same texture as yogurt but the creamy variety-like Dannon La Creme. I hope you give it a try!