Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In case you are bored and need a laugh...

I am going to be your fast track to entertainment today. I love the Cracked website/blog pretty much always but today I read two gems there.
 Check out this article on things everyone wants to write but no one wants to read. I disagree with a lot of them, actually, and then confirmed that I'm just an oddball. I like seeing people's lists and LOVE reading about people's drama. I have one facebook friend who is going through a divorce that is pretty much being entirely mitigated online or at least that's how it seems. I have another who announces when she gets UTIs. Both are hilarious to me in a ""REALLY?" kind of way.
There's also one on cute thngs your cats do that are actually evil. I laughed out loud at some of it.
Finally, a friend pointed me in the direction of http://www.dontevenreply.com/. This guy appears to respond to ads on Craigslist or the like with the most obnoxious comments. Imagine engaging in one of these dialogues with this guy and thinking it's for real! I particularly recommend the racist microwave one. Hubby is black and I am white and we both laugh so if you are offended at all, that's my escape clause. You can also refer to the information block on the right side of this blog: I warned you!

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