Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fast Five or Mob Wives?

Which passion makes me more laughable?
As I thought of what to write about, I realized that when my work life is extra crazy I have a harder time writing. I think it's because what takes up most of my mind those days is stuff that's confidential and can't be written about. I can say that I went to a round table today that presented a really interesting case on stalking via technology. And to sum it up: wow, some people are crazy!
So to escape the hard stuff, I try to keep life light the rest of the time. Sooooo, tonight I went to the Premium Cinema to see Fast Five.
"What's the Premium Cinema? " you may ask. Well, it is a fabulous place is what it is! It's a 21+ movie theater. You pay more (but I have a free VIP pass, which pretty much makes me the most popular girl in town) but you get free unlimited soda and popcorn. They also have a restaurant and full bar. The seats are leather and plush and have individual pull out tables. But let's be real, the best part is not having to deal with loud teenagers. (Yes, I know that's a granny comment.)
Me and Hubby usually only get one or two nights a week that one of us isn't working so those nights need to feel used up, not squandered. Still, those nights add up so the free movie pass gets a lot of use. Plus, I'm in a competition with a friend who also has one to see which one of us can see more movies this year. It's good to have goals. haha.
All that aside, I really wanted to see Fast Five, which is the fifth installment of the Fast and the Furious movies. In high school, all the guys I hung around fostered in me a great appreciation of cars. And let's not beat around the bush, Vin Diesal is fun to look at. He also makes a very likeable criminal. The Rock also has a big role in this movie. I don't think he had a good line the whole 2 hours, poor thing. Here's a tip if you go see it: make sure you sit through the credits for the follow up scene. Scandalous!!
And to bring it full circle: Mob Wives. It's a good NY/Jersey persona fix in place of Jersey Shore. I'm only two episodes in but I'm already wondering if me and my girls need Mob Wives personas to add to our SATC, Golden Girls, and Jersey Shore personas for our upcoming trip. I recommend you give this show a try and you may just add it to your guilty pleasures list.

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