Monday, May 23, 2011

Where in the World Day 3

Good Morning! Today we will be visiting la Boqueria, the market. The pictures I have seen of the fresh fruits and veggies are enticing. Also on the agenda for the day: Parc Guell, Monument a Colom, walk along marina boardwalk, air tram to Montjuic and gardens, Castell de Montjuic, the Olympic Stadium (which I think might be closed) and Palau.
If this is hard to understand for you, imagine what it feels like writing out that I will be going to these places I don't even understand:) Who am I kidding? It will be thrilling and surprising! I don't know a lick of Catalan and can really only say "hola" in Spanish. I can ask where the library is in French, do you think that will help? Ya, me neither.
In the afternoon we are visiting a monastery, Monastir de Sant Pau del Camp. I don't know what we get to do there but it sounds cool!
To wrap things up, we will visit the magic fountain, aka Font Magica, at night.

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