Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adding a little Sunshine

With all this time in the house, I decided to paint the bathroom the color of sunshine to fake us out. It had been primed back in September and just sitting, with the towel rack and art on the floor, waiting for my motivation to make it's occasional appearance.
I have only painted one other time, when I first moved in about a year and a half ago and that was with a friend to lead the way and cheer me on. I should have known better than to attempt this feat on my own.
Here are some lessons I learned:
1. Taping things off is boring. I gave up on that.
2. Yellow looks a lot brighter on the walls than on the little dot on the can. Especially when it's concentrated on four walls.
3. When standing with one foot on the sink and one on the toilet, the paint can should not be directly beneath you.
4. Paint cans bruise your ankle when you fall into them from a height. Oh, and yellow paint doesn't come off of painted toenails, even after a scrub in the shower.
5. You should make sure you have brushes before you start painting so you don't have to make due with the couple things you bought that you thought would supplement what you already had.
6. You might think you have more supplies than you do because if husbands don't wash paint off of brushes and other painting mechanisms, they become the consistency of cement and aren't good for much other than weaponry.
7. Paying someone else to paint is probably worth it.


  1. You crack me up. You stepped in a can of paint?! Too funny.

  2. Fell into would be more accurate. I have bruises as proof!

  3. I like it, it's nice and bright! Good job! I agree with your last point. I don't like to paint so usually my mom does it or we hire it out!

  4. My house is much closer to your mom than yours...if I had known she was a painter, I would have invited her over!