Sunday, February 27, 2011

RaNdOm TiDbItS 2

  • It's Sunday morning and church has been cancelled due to the snow falling outside. It's nothing compared to what we have see so far this winter but it's still happening so the roads are probably not super safe. I had to make some calls to tell people, which is why I didn't automatically just roll over and go back to sleep, which is where I am headed as soon as I am done with this:)
  • Last night I fulfilled a childhood dream!! I went and saw roller derby live. They didn't have the huge ring with the Nascar-like inclines and railings to push each other over but it was still pretty glorious. The girls all had super fun names and crazy get ups on. The crows was the best part, though. Super eclectic. As always, pics to come as soon as I take them off my camera! PS, there was a dance party after. How cool is that?
  • I finished reading Little Bee. The writing was good but I just didn't love the story. It had some graphic violent scenes that hit a little too close to home with some hard work stuff this week so I decided my next book needs to be a bit less socially aware so I have started The Mortal Instruments series with City of Bones, recommended by someone who loved the Hunger Games with the zeal that I did.
  • Did you ever realize that when things are going especially bad you can have a psychotic "break" but when things are going really well in that same realm, you can have a "break" through?
  • I called the police on Friday morning on my way to work because some sketchy guy in an equally sketchy van was parked in a weird location near my house. I pretty much drove myself crazy thinking of how he was going to get into my house and steal Hubby's xbox games and let my cats out. Or worse. It was all very dramatic in my mind. I guess he didn't do any of those things, though.
  • I went to see the eye dr on Friday, too. It was only my second visit and he placed some big decisions in my lap. He also had me stick contacts in my eyes for the first time ever. Since then, I have been weighing the pros and cons of glasses v contacts, especially in regard to my triathlons for the swimming and biking. I think I have settled on getting contacts but not wearing them often while simultaneously getting a new pair of glasses. I am told that my prescription changed enough that I should upgrade my current frames, too, but I think they are just dandy. I don't have a very bad prescription and only really need the vision help for distances "Oh, look at that pretty thing on our travels" or late night driving or movies. I don't think it's worth sticking my fingers in my eyes for this small fragment of time. I am open to suggestions on this, though!!
  • The kitten is trying to catch the snowflakes at the window right now.

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